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Our Philosophy

Brummond Computer Systems, LLC is based in Oregon, Wisconsin and was founded to meet the demands of customers who need prompt, personal computer service in their homes or offices.

For more than a decade, Brummond Computer Systems has offered cost effective and innovative solutions for your computer and your computer related needs.

No two computers are exactly alike and neither are any of our clients.  Our services are tailored to fit your needs and computer experience level. 

We can advise you on how to implement the latest technology or get the most out of the older equipment you currently own with appropriate and cost effective repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

Unlike other computer service providers, you will receive prompt, courteous, and accurate answers that you can understand.  What good is an answer if you don't understand it?  As a business, we do not believe in "throwing money at the problem" as do many of the "big box" stores.  They are interested in only one thing, getting your money.


There is no charge to you if we cannot repair your computer!

What sets us apart from the rest?

So, you replaced your old computer.  It was fast and everything worked just fine.  Over time it has slowed down, sputters, or perhaps it does not work at all.  Maybe you purchased a new printer, camera or program that you just cannot get working on your system.

You may have a friend that said he/she knew how to fix your problem and now your computer is worse off than itwasbefore! So, you have decided it's time to have a professional help you out.

There is a difference in the levels of quality of service, technician expertise and convenience to you. Let's take a look at some examples.

Let's face it, there are many companies out there who offer computer services. And in these tough economic times, people with a little computer experience will say they can repair your computer. Computer servicing facilities require you to unplug your computer and bring it to them for an estimate, that on average today, costs $100.00 or more.  If you approve the repair, your computer will be out of your home or business for at least a few days.  When the computer is repaired you need to drive back to the shop, pick up your computer, drive it home and spend the time plugging everything back in. You do remember where all of those plugs and wires go, right?  If you get home and it still does not work correctly, you have to take it back, at your expense.

Maybe you found someone in the phonebook or listed online who will come to your home or business to fix your computer. Sounds great, but be careful! Not all technicians are qualified to repair your computer, install hardware or configure your network.  Many people have told me their personal stories where they had a technician come into their home and although they did fix their computer problem the technician was arrogant, unfriendly and not someone you would invite back.  A basic detail of the work performed was provided and no educational or corrective measures detailed.  Most of these technicians are content to fix your computer (maybe), collect their fee and hope you call again sometime in the future for additional work.

What to Expect from Us


All telephone calls are returned the same day they are received

All customer inquiries and work are performed with a friendly, patient, understanding and professional manor

All customer information, computer files, etc. is strictly confidential

You will receive honest, clear answers and solutions that makes the most sense for your computing requirements

On-site or Off-site, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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