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Tune-Up Special (For Windows Operating Systems)

And, because we want your business...

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  •  FREE pick-up* of your machine for diagnoses
  •  Remove dust and debris from case
  •  Perform visual board inspection
  •  Test condition of hard drive(s)
  •  Check hard drive(s) for Errors
  • Test condition of system memory (RAM)
  •  Check anti-virus software status
  •  Perform a scan for viruses and spyware
  •  Check firewall software status
  •  Analyze system logs (Event Logs)


  •  Remove junk files and temporary files from OS hard drive

  •  Remove unnecessary programs (per customer authorization)

  •  Load all appropriate Microsoft security patches (if applicable)

  •  De-fragment hard drive(s)

  •  Remove unnecessary programs from boot-up sequence (per customer authorization)

  •  Identify any obvious software errors

  •  Clean floppy drive heads (if applicable)

  •  Clean CD/RW/DVD laser lens (if applicable)

  •  Check cooling fan(s)

  •  Install critical Windows updates (if applicable)


Note:This service is not available onsite at this price due to the time involved
* Free pick-up is limited to South Central Wisconsin and requires 24-48
   hours advance notice

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